Evenings tasting of French wines

The restaurant organizes several times in the year of the evenings " tasting of wines " where you will participate in a real course of oenology. During this evening, you will taste approximately 8 wines proposed in the glass (dry whites, softness, rosés and red). Eric, the wine steward, chooses to represent vintages corresponding to the largest number of persons with regard to the dishes and in tastes.

Schedule of the evenings

28-03-2019 : Languedoc soirée spéciale 45 euros
dégustation de 7 vins 3 blancs 4 rouges
25-04-2019 : Le Chenin soirée spéciale vins blancs
découverte de 7 vins issu du même cépage
23-05-2019 : Vins Bio
découverte de 7 cuvée issu de l'agriculture biologique
20-06-2019 : Les Rosés
découverte de 7 vins rosés en provenance des différents vignobles

Price of the evening tasting: 35.00 € an Evening Prestige: 55.00 € Only on reservation (by mail or by telephone